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Doom 3 review

Written by Julian Schoffel on . Posted in Action

Doom 3 game image

id Software stayed true to their word: Doom 3 was a faithful remake of the 1993 classic. Doom 3ís gameplay, storyline and creature design adhered to the template set down by the original game all those years ago. Of course this wasn’t necessarily a good thingÖ

Half-Life 2 review

Written by Julian Schoffel on . Posted in Action

Half-Life 2 game image

I originally reviewed Half-Life 2 back in November of 2004. I was given a day at Vivendiís Sydney offices to play through as much of the game as I could. I had loved the original Half-Life and had high hopes for the sequel but I certainly wasn’t prepared for just how good Half-Life 2 would actually turn out to be…

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