Diablo III – Error 3003 Arghhh!

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Diablo 3 error 3003

As I play through Diablo III I have to confess some irritation with the server issues and errors which have been steadily diminishing my enjoyment of the game. The latest of these is the mysterious “Error 3003…”

Firstly if anyone has any workarounds for this issue – please share them in the comments section below this post.

Update – May 30 2012 I’ve had this issue on and off now over the past week or two and I think the safest way to interpret it is that the servers are down and you simply need to wait it out. To test this theory I went into “Options” and changed the server location from “North America” to “Asia” and I managed to log in with no problems. Of course I couldn’t access my level 40 Nightmare character but that’s because he is saved on North American servers. The Error 3003 issue was resolved (at least for the moment) today after a new patch was automatically applied.

The monotonous regularity with which these errors and server issues are occurring in Diablo III is really starting to annoy me. I’m a World of Warcraft addict from way back – so it’s kind of a shock that after nearly 8 years of experience managing a huge MMORPG like WoW, Blizzard appear to be having trouble getting it right for Diablo III.

I realise that currently there would be a massive amount of people all trying to log into Diablo III at the same time – but surely Blizzard tackled this with WoW’s 3 expansions and learnt from the experience?

Also, in my view Diablo III is a different case because it’s not actually an MMORPG – technically it’s a single-player action/RPG game which can be played cooperatively or (once the PvP feature is enabled) against other human controlled opponents. This raises the age old question – is the Digital Rights Management of many modern PC titles fair to players who do the right thing and buy a game legally?

After forking out just under $(AUS)80.00 for Diablo III – not being able to play it when I want to is really starting to rankle me…

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