Legend of Grimrock on Mac? Meh…

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Legend of Grimrock game image

It looks like Legend of Grimrock (one of my favourite games of 2012) could soon be making its way onto the Mac…

According to this recent blog post over at Almost Human this excellent, grid-based retro dungeon crawler could soon be available for Mac users.

Of course being a dyed-in-the-wool PC User this news doesn’t particularly excite me, in fact it begs the question – why are Almost Human spending their time porting the game over to Mac (apparently so 3 of their graphic designers can finally play it) when they could be putting all their efforts into a full blown PC-based sequel?

Click on the image below to see what Almost Human have been doing lately….

Legend of Grimrock Mac version

Come on guys – stop mucking around and get back to important work! 😉


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