Legend of Grimrock II Announced

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Legend of Grimrock II announced

In a somewhat convoluted blog post the guys over at Almost Human finally announced that their next project will indeed be Legend of Grimrock II

You can find Almost Human’s rambling, but refreshingly candid blog post right here – About the New Project.

While I loved certain facets of the original Legend of Grimrock, I do feel like there’s a fair bit of room for improvement. Even if they choose to stay within the confines of the old-fashioned, ‘stepped movement,’ Eye of the Beholder style of RPG.

For starters I’d like to see more variation in environments, some NPC interaction, an improved inventory system and a more expansive combat and magic system.

Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon was one of my favourite games of all time and if Almost Human can successfully translate the core elements of that masterpiece into a more modern game engine (perhaps with a few elements of Ultima Underworld thrown in for good measure), then they will have accomplished something I have been waiting over 20 years for…

I believe the teaser image posted here may be from the new game, but I can’t be certain. This image first appeared in this blog post over at the official Legend of Grimrock design blog – Recap 2012, Hello 2013! Egyptian theme anyone…?

What New Features would You like to See in Legend of Grimrock II?

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