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Age of Empires II review

Written by Growling Dog Games on . Posted in Real Time Strategy

Age of Empires II game image

Most real-time strategy (RTS) games are modelled around sci-fi or fantasy themes but Ensemble Studios’ 1999 PC gaming classic, Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, used an authentic historical backdrop and featured 13 different civilisations for players to control.

Kingpin: Life of Crime review

Written by Growling Dog Games on . Posted in Action

Kingpin game image

When it came out back in the late 1990s Kingpin heralded a new era where PC gaming aggressively sought to become part of mainstream culture. Its copious use of swearing and gratuitous violence was a sort of anguished plea directed at the masses – “It’s really not nerdy to play PC games any more, look at me I’m cool…”

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